Brain Athletics Delivers The Arrowsmith Program

Learning difficulties don’t have to be permanent, weak cognitive capacities can be identified and strengthened.

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Full Time - Part Time

The Full-Time and Part-Time modules of the Arrowsmith Program are based on the student’s learning profile determined by a comprehensive assessment.

Symbol Relations Cognitive Enhancement Program

The Cognitive Enhancement Program provides participants with a structured cognitive exercise program specifically aimed to enhance the Symbol Relations cognitive function.

Motor Symbol Sequencing

This Program addresses the Motor Symbol Sequencing (MSS) area which is responsible for the motor planning necessary for efficient and automatic writing.

Stand Alone Assessment

The cognitive assessment enables us to understand the needs of our students, to design personalised programs to help them meet their goals and to track the progress they make.

The Arrowsmith Program strengthens your learning abilities

Cognitive training for children

Brain Athletics offers children and adults Arrowsmith Program cognitive training exercises. Learning difficulties don’t have to be permanent; weak cognitive capacities can be identified and strengthened.

Cognitive Training for children
cognitive brain exercises

Why Should You Choose Us?

In a supportive and caring environment, under our attentive guidance, at Brain Athletics we motivate students to strengthen their cognitive functions, to unlock their full potential, to become happy, confident and self directed learners.

The Benefits of the Arrowsmith Program

Improves reasoning and comprehension

Strengthens cognitive processes necessary for efficient learning

Improves processing speed, working memory, memory for words

Unlocks an individual’s full learning potential

Improves an individual’s self-esteem

Builds academic skills

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Discover your cognitive profile

Complete an Arrowsmith Questionnaire and download your results to determine whether you or your child’s learning difficulties are typical of those addressed by the Arrowsmith Program.

About Brain Athletics

Caterina Cerrina

At Brain Athletics we walk with you towards a brighter future. We specialise in helping students and adults become effective and confident learners and to achieve their goals in life by strengthening their cognitive capabilities through the Arrowsmith Program.

What Our Clients Say

Louis was at the beginning of Grade 2 when we decided to take up the Arrowsmith journey.
We were desperate; we’d tried everything with no improvement in Louis’ academic and social development.
We had a little boy that expressed to us that he thought he was dumb, he ‘hated his brain’ and questioned why he was here in this world.
Louis had numerous unexplained stomach aches and headaches, with no medical explanation other than stress. 
The Arrowsmith Program transformed our little boy. Louis continues to improve after completing the Program. He is able to retain more information and is happier in himself. I do not know where Louis would be without the Arrowsmith Program, he’s found his strengths and developed in his areas of weaknesses.
We have a happy boy that is willing to learn and has a vastly improved level of self confidence.

Michelle P., Louis’ mum – Melbourne

Prior to Charlotte starting the Arrowsmith Program my husband and I were at a loss as to how to help Charlotte with her learning. She was lost in the mainstream classroom. She had lost her confidence within herself and her learning and would often come home from school upset.
After a few months in the Program, Charlotte emerged from her shell, she was reading more confidently; she was participating in classroom discussions and she had lost the anger and the frustration that use to be a norm for her when it came to learning.
We will be forever grateful that Charlotte was part of the Arrowsmith Program, she is now full of confidence, questions anything she does not understand and feels like an equal among her peers.

Julie D., Charlotte’s mum – Melbourne

How could we help you overcome your learning difficulties and unlock your full potential?

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What Can Brain Athletics Do For You?

Brain Athletics delivers the Arrowsmith Program to children and adults. Our goal is that every student reaches their full potential. In a supportive and caring environment, we enable students to become successful learners.

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What research has been conducted to prove that is works?

A study prepared by Dr. EWilliam A. Lancee in 2005 concluded that all deficit areas identified by the Arrowsmith Program improved as a result of the application of Arrowsmith Program cognitive exercises. Please refer to the full study and in particular the concluding summary for an overview of the effectiveness of the Arrowsmith Program.

Several international academic studies over the past several years have concluded that the Arrowsmith Program is effective in improving the brain’s cognitive ability.

The latest research, carried out by Canada’s University of British Columbia (UBC), has shown children with specific learning difficulties demonstrate significant improvements by training their brains using neuroplasticity techniques.

The peer reviewed research, published late last year (October 2019) in the international journal, Learning: Research and Practice, examined the Arrowsmith Program and its capacity to help children with learning difficulties improve academic skills and cognitive abilities including reading, maths, spelling, memory, attention, processing speed and reasoning.

You can find more information about other research here:

Do students maintain their improvement?

Once the improvement is in place and the cognitive area is working at its full potential, it is hypothesized that the individual maintains this gain by using the cognitive area in everyday functioning.

What is the arrowsmith assessment and will I need one?

The purpose of the assessment is to measure the underlying COGNITIVE ABILITIES that are responsible for learning and to create an individualized report which identifies one’s unique and specific combination of strengths and weaknesses.

The Arrowsmith assessment provides an informative perspective of one’s learning experience. However, there are some exercises that you are able to start immediately without an assessment.

If you’re unsure as to which of your cognitive abilities require further strengthening, we recommend an initial assessment.

What are the criteria for students entering the Arrowsmith Program?

Students who come to the Arrowsmith Program are of average to above-average intelligence but are having difficulty learning academic and social skills efficiently and independently. The Arrowsmith Program addresses a wide range of specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, auditory and/or visual processing disorders, attention difficulties and non-verbal learning difficulties. The Arrowsmith Program is also designed for individuals who do not have identified specific learning difficulties but are challenged with issues such as organization, processing, problem-solving, communication, memory, and independence.

How do you determine if a student is suitable?

To consider whether the Arrowsmith Program would be suitable for you/your child, please complete our Arrowsmith Program® Cognitive Profile Questionnaire. The detailed learning profile generated will allow you to determine whether the learning issues you/your child experience could be addressed through the Arrowsmith Program. You can learn more by filling out an Inquiry Form and speaking to us.